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Tutors and tutees

When looking for a Finnish dictionary on my shelves, all of a sudden I found a patch «Tutor 2016». It was a pleasant surprise as I’ve almost forgotten about its existence. It evoked warm memories of my tutoring experience at the beginning of the second year of my study in Turku.

I applied for tutoring because I wanted to make something nice for those who would come to study here. When I was among freshers I realised how important it was to have a person who would try to answer all your questions related not only to the University, but also to simple daily routine. Why should you go to Maistraatti? Where to find the international office? Where to find a mattress? Where to buy food? The amount of information is enormous and it’s great to know that there is someone who will do his or her best to help with it. As long as a tutor doesn’t have more than five tutees it makes it easier to guide exchange and first year students.

And one more thing is that your tutor will meet you and show the place where you’re going to live. It’s fantastic as you don’t need to pick your keys up on your own carrying heavy suitcases through the whole city. The tutoring system at UTU truly amazed me by its great organisation and logic. It’s definitely an advantage!

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Anna Skuratova
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