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Turku Markets and Spring

The middle of Spring has, in turn, led to Sping activities, beautiful – yet sometimes unpredictable – weather, and, enclosed nearby the River Aura, the emergence of the Turku markets. In dusting off their stalls hidden away during the winter period, the Spring Markets are a common place during the Spring and Summer period in which individuals sell a variety of different novelties and cuisines originating from different countries around Europe and the world.

Not traditional, but still great tasting.

For myself, the markets are one of my favourite aspects about Turku as you get the opportunity to buy a variety of different clothes and trinkets and, of course, get to taste the vast variety of food on offer. Think Belgian waffles, French crepes, German sausages, and even Spanish churros – the options are endless.

The great weather and the energetic vibe surrounding provided the perfect atmosphere as I and my girlfriend walked through the markets and sat down by the river to enjoy ice cream. Sitting by the River Aura is certainly something I recommend to others as it provides a sense of peace and tranquility unmatched by any other place in Turku. During the summer time, people can be seen lying down on the surrounding grass/lawn embracing the sun and trying to pick up a tan. It is an area which perfectly encapsulates the chill and relaxed nature that epitomizes Turku as a city.

So, if you ever feel like you need some time to yourself and you want to relax, the River Aura is a place I would definitely recommend.

Jacob Stevens-Yager
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