Turku City Library - UTU Masters
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Turku City Library

Do you have a habit to go to the library? Before coming to Finland for me it was definitely something not common as I associated it with a gloomy place with a specific smell of old dust. But Turku showed me libraries from another light. They are spacious, bright, colourful, and welcoming.

The most amazing thing which can strike you is the queue in front of the library before the opening hours. People are patiently waiting to be among the first ones to enter the place. And as soon as the doors are opened, you can do really a lot of things. There are thousands of books, newspapers, brochures to read; music to listen to; movies to watch; board games to play and what not. What’s more you can find literature in different languages which makes it easier for those who enjoy reading in their native languages. There is also a kids corner where parents can nurture a love of literature in children. It’s also amazing that you can borrow a bike in the library. But for that you need to use your library card.

If you avoid libraries, try to go to the Finnish ones. They will conquer your heart with its light and exceptionally cozy atmosphere.

Anna Skuratova
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