Tandem course - UTU Masters
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Tandem course

When you live in Turku you can notice that generally people speak English on a really high level. Although you can easily survive here without Finnish or Swedish, I still believe that it’s good to learn the language of the country you live in. That’s why I decided to learn Finnish.

The University provides Finnish courses of different levels. There are also more opportunities to develop your language skills. For example, you can attend a language circle or take a tandem. I would like to tell you about a tandem course which I took. It was something completely new for me. It means that you will teach your native language to a Finn while he or she will help you with Finnish. I was lucky as Russian was among those which are possible to take for tandem learning. And it was a really nice experience as I learnt a lot about Finnish culture and traditions. What’s more it was great to meet and share information about your country. My tandem partner is a friendly positive girl who showed me Finland from another angle. It was so amazing to learn things beyond the course programme just because it was interesting to discuss them! : )

Anna Skuratova
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