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[gallery ids="25591,25595,25598"] It’s the end of the semester and it’s time to study for the exams. Everyone has its own method to study, but if there is one thing we all have in common is that we need somewhere where we can actually study.

The program which I am studying, biomedical imaging is an interdisciplinary track that involves the applications of physics as well as programming in imaging. One such course which was totally different from all others was the Biomedical instrumentation course. It was a course offerered by...

December 6, was a day of great celebration and joy for the people of Finland. It was the 100th birthday of the country being independent. 100 years seems like a long time! And keeping the spirit of democracy alive for this long is indeed an...

[gallery ids="25430,25437"]   The 1st of December CEAS hosted, for the third year, the Korean  Speech Contest.

Studying in a new place is always exciting and stressful as well. Along with all the new people and places it offers, we will have to acclimatize ourselves with the local culture, systems, food, mode of travel and the list goes on.. As every international student...

  [gallery ids="25123,25119"]   Here I am again, to write about my experience here in Finland!   Today I’ll talk a bit about the University of Turku, its organisation from a student point of view and my interaction with it since I arrived here. Attending university can be really fun or...

New academic year is about to start and I guess that new students have more and more questions related to their first days in Turku. That’s why I decided to make this post which contains a variety of random information which I got from my tutor, and which my friend and I prepared for our degree tutees. Hope it will be helpful : )