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[gallery ids="26294,26301,26297"] Studying is certainly important, but everyone needs a break or a day off. A good way to rest is having a hobby, something that can help you relax and release the stress. Well, one of my hobbies is playing video games.
Moving to a new place is a lot of hard work, even more if this new place is in a completely different country! You have to consider several factors, like where can you buy new furniture, how much it will cost you, and what will happen when you finish your studies and want to move back to your country? As my experience here in Turku taught me, going to Ekotori is a good solution.

As I have already mentioned a lot, Finland was quite different from my home country. The long straight roads and lower populations and hence lesser traffic with bike paths, were all surprisingly new to me. One such pleasant surprise was the fact that every location...

More than once I declared my love for food, and as a food lover I find visiting new countries a great opportunity to try new food or just experience new flavours. Finland didn’t let me down, and even if I’m sure that a lot of good traditional food is still waiting out there for me, here are some of the stuff that I enjoyed.

Every time I go to class I always see some posters that encourage to “Sit less, feel better.” This is a good advice, and something we all should do. But how? Naturally one could just go outside and run, but that’s not for everyone. For example, I prefer...

Happy Year of the Dog! The 16th of February was the Chinese New Year, based on the Chinese lunar calendar, and we entered the Year of the Dog. This is an important event in some Asian countries and especially in China, so Taotao decide to host a...

Today I will talk about Unica, the catering service in charge of feeding most of University of Turku students. Everyone loves food, eating is not only a pleasure but also a way to withstand the sometimes-harsh days of study we go through every day. As not...

As I already wrote in a previous post, the Finnish education system is new to me.

The way lectures are conducted, the exams, the relationship with the professor are all new and refreshing experience that I had since I came here in Finland. And while finally acclimatizing to all these changes, I was made aware of a new resource for studying, ASIANET.

Snow is something quite unusual for me. I come from Sardinia, one of the two major islands of Italy and a place famous for its sun and its beaches, certainly not for its snow. For this reason the climate of Finland is a new experience for...