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Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (LLEES) programme requires from students to complete an internship related to the field of education. My groupmate and friend, Bushra Shareef, kindly agreed to share her experience regarding her internship at Turku International School (TIS).
I assume that when students enter a university, there is a certain number of questions they need to solve quite urgently. One of such matters is the schedule of the courses you are going to attend. There are so many of them, and you feel so enthusiastic that you want to try everything which is impossible due to overlaps. At least that’s what I experienced during my first year in Turku : D All the elective courses sounded fascinating and it was a torture to choose some of them. When hearing about this «problem», my friend advised me to take «Multicultural Education». She characterised it as a «must have».  To be honest, it even exceeded my expectations.
I assume that everyone who is accepted at the University is immediately contacted by an international officer of his or her faculty. At least that’s what happened in my case. And I would like to say that our international officer is truly amazing. I received an abundance of useful information thanks to her.
When I came to Finland I heard the word "Xylitol" a lot of times, but couldn't catch its meaning. In a while I made a conclusion that xylitol was a Finnish brand of chewing gum. And when it seemed that the mystery of this word was solved I was totally confused when it turned out that my assumptions were wrong.
When looking for a Finnish dictionary on my shelves, all of a sudden I found a patch «Tutor 2016». It was a pleasant surprise as I’ve almost forgotten about its existence. It evoked warm memories of my tutoring experience at the beginning of the second year of my study in Turku.
In my previous post I mentioned the Double degree programme which you can apply for at the faculty of Education. It’s really an interesting option and I think I can clarify some things about it. That’s why I decided to answer three most popular questions regarding it.
To my mind, Christmas and New Year is a time of small miracles, when people smile just because they feel magic in the air. Everything seems brighter and people are full of excitement waiting for the upcoming changes. During Christmas and New Year I enjoy wrapping myself in a blanket, drinking a delicious cup of hot chocolate and reflecting on the year which is coming to its logical conclusion.
Two years ago I listened to my friend’s stories about Finland, Turku and her experience as a student of a foreign university. That fascinating life seemed unbelievable and really far from what I used to have. Another world, rules, traditions, and culture. But every great adventure starts with the first step, doesn’t it? I would say that my journey began when my friend told me about the University of Turku and I caught myself thinking «wow, that should be awesome». Now, two years later, let me be your friend who will introduce you to the Finnish charming lifestyle.