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Welcome to the

Student City Turku

The University campus is located on in the active and picturesque student city of Turku in Southwest Finland.

With a bike or on foot you can easily move from one place – and time – to another. In 1640 the first university students in Finland began their studies right here in Turku. Today, on the same campus, future innovations and technologies are developed.

Turku is the second busiest passenger travel port in Finland. From Turku, Helsinki Metropolitan Area is easily reached either by air, rail or a motorway. From Turku Airport, direct daily connections also to Stockholm, Sweden, are available.

Reasonable living costs with many housing options, full-scale public and private services, vivid cultural life and a variety of outdoor recreation possibilities by the surrounding Archipelago Sea guarantee that Turku offers the best quality of life and is a lucrative location for students as well as for skilled professionals.

According to the strategic target set by the City, by 2029 Turku will be the Northern Baltic’s most interesting city, with a strong foundation in both arts and sciences. Turku is building up unique assets – creative manufacturing industry, biotechnology, logistics expertise – through cluster conveniences and synergies.


  • Turku Region is the third largest urban region in Finland with 317.000 inhabitants.
  • The area is characterised by its international dimension with more than 100 nationalities resident in the area.
  • Turku area has 22.000 enterprises with a total of 130.000 jobs.
  • Turku is one of the strongest education and know-how clusters in Northern Europe with six higher education institutions and 40.000 students.