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Runeberg Day

During the Finnish course we are generally told about the upcoming holidays. I find it an essential part of integration into a culture as long as traditions reflect interesting peculiarities of any nation. And at one lesson I learnt how a person who wrote the Finnish National Anthem «Maamme» and Runeberg cakes are connected.

Johan Ludvig Runeberg is a renowned Finnish poet who wrote in Swedish. But for me he is first of all connected with Runeberg cakes. You can easily find them at the shop around 5th of February when poet’s birthday is celebrated. According to the version I’ve heard Runeberg was a real sweet tooth and his wife, Fredrika, baked raspberry jam-topped tortes for him. As a result it became an essential part of his breakfast. The recipe which was created by Fredrika is used nowadays for baking Runeberg cakes. You can easily find it on the Internet if you want to bake them on your own.

Runeberg Day is coming! Enjoy your torte as Johan Ludvig Runeberg did more than a century ago ; )

Anna Skuratova
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