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Master's Degree Programme in

Future Health and Technology

Faculty of Medicine, University of Turku





The Future Health & Technology is an international, multidisciplinary Master’s degree programme organised in collaboration of two universities: Fudan University and the University of Turku, and four departments: Department of Nursing Science and Department of Future Technologies at the University of Turku; School of Nursing and School of Information Science and Technology at Fudan University. Based on the various strengths and expertise of these departments this programme will respond to future professional needs in a modern way by connecting two important educational fields: health and technology.

The Programme aims to increase understanding about knowledge, challenges, cultural diversity, and trends of information technology relevant in health care in global context. In addition, the programme obtains to strengthen the international, innovative, and interdisciplinary collaboration between information technology and nursing science. It is also designed to improve the health care information systems and the quality of care by jointly implementing innovative information technology projects in health care.

The Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology leads to a double degree, where a part of the degree studies is completed at the Fudan University in Shanghai, China.


Programme structure

The Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology consists of two years of full-time studies (120 ECTS = European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The programme consists of Major studies in Nursing Science (60 ECTS) including Master’s thesis (30 ECTS), and Minor studies in Future Health & Technology (45 ECTS) including Core courses (20 ECTS) and Capstone project (15 ECTS), as well as Elective studies (15 ECTS).

Academic excellence & experience

The Future Health & Technology programme is a two year full-time Master’s degree programme organised in international and multidisciplinary collaboration between two universities: Fudan University and the University of Turku.

The programme is based on partner-universities’ strengths and expertise in health sciences and information technology: University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science has strong research based knowledge in clinical nursing science (children, adults and older people), in the measurement of health instrumentation and health technology as well as in health care ethics. Fudan University, School of Nursing has its strengths in systematic knowledge synthesising, interventions and evidence-based practice. These two units cover the main areas in nursing science. University of Turku, Department of the Future Technologies has a frontline expertise in health and biomedical data analysis, machine learning, language technology, software development and embedded computing. Fudan University, School of Information Science and Technology has expertise in health and biomedical electronics, embedded electronics, and in Internet of Things. Together these collaborators will cover a wide range of the area of health technology.

This unique programme aims at educating experts with vision in scientific approach in global information technology in health care. The programme consists of studies from the fields of nursing science, software engineering and information systems, giving an excellent stepping stone for students to plan, develop and implement health technology solutions and products for clinical practice and personalised health care. Adapting theoretical knowledge to implement and tune a working solution to a real-life interdisciplinary challenge in an international setting is also an essential part of these studies.

Through this Master’s degree programme and the collaboration between the two universities and four departments, it is also possible to increase high level research and scientific knowledge relevant to future healthcare systems, and to produce health technology expertise for the growing need of planning, developing, implementing and exporting health technology solutions and products in clinical practice. This Master’s degree programme will add knowledge on the applicability, usability and feasibility of the health technology applications for use in clinical practice, such as health game technology, nursing device development and information systems for health care. Research in this field will provide valuable user perspective as nursing science is interested in developing clinical practice for both the users (clients, patients) and health professionals.

Master's thesis & topics

A Master’s thesis is worth 30 ECTS. It is done individually in multidisciplinary teams, co-supervised by the faculty of each participating university. The aim of the thesis process is that the student is able to produce scientific knowledge independently based on a rationalised research plan. The student is also able to assess research problem(s) using applied research methods and produce relevant information to nursing science. Master’s thesis consists of thesis plan, seminars and written thesis. Thesis supervision is organised in seminars, where students present their own work and receive feedback about their advancement.

The Master’s thesis has to fulfill the requirements of both universities, Fudan University and the University of Turku.

The specific research area of the programme is Health Technology. The research aims at creating new solutions to integrate social and health care services and new solutions to support citizen’s health, self-management and care. Research can focus for example on the development and testing of technological solutions to support health and healthcare systems.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology leads to a double degree. Four departments in two universities participate in the programme. The double degree presented here leads to the following degrees: Master of Health Sciences from the University of Turku, Turku Finland, and Master of Nursing Science from Fudan University, Shanghai China.

Given that the degree requirements of the home university are met, students will obtain a degree from that university. The students, who have 1) completed one semester according to the requirements of Fudan University and 2) done their Master’s thesis and Capstone project co-supervised by Fudan University and the University of Turku, will receive a degree also from the other university, provided that the degree requirements of the other university are met.

In case an individual student selected to the programme cannot, for some unforeseen reason, complete the mobility requirement, a local degree with appropriate certificate of study will be provided after fulfilling the home university degree requirements.

The main study locations are in Fudan campus in Shanghai, China and the Turku campus in Turku, Finland. The first semester is organised at Fudan University and the second at the University of Turku for all students. The third and the fourth semesters are organised at the students’ home universities (Fudan University or the University of Turku).


Competence description

Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology will provide you with a high-quality and extensive expertise in nursing science and health technology.

In this programme you will

  • become widely familiar with special theoretical concepts, knowledge and methods of nursing research and health informatics
  • be able to produce a Master’s thesis combining nursing science with health technology
  • be able to solve demanding research and innovation problems of which purposes are to develop new information, methods and applications
  • have readiness in creative, scientifically justifying tasks in the fields of nursing and health technology
  • be able to manage, plan, assess and develop complex, unexpected and new strategic approaches based on scientific knowledge
  • have readiness to lead innovative information technology projects in health care
  • be able to promote the development of nursing science, especially in the field of health technology


Additionally you will:

  • learn international thinking and multicultural understanding, including good language skills
  • incorporate different approaches to your studies and gain perspectives from more than one academic supervisor, have different types of study environments, teaching and learning styles
  • have a chance of creating wide network and worldwide contacts
  • become a new labour generation in health and technology after graduation
  • benefit from international education while seeking for work
Job options

Health technology is currently one of the most rapidly growing sectors with an increasing need of planning, developing, implementing and exporting health technology solutions and products for health services, as reflected in national and international policies. However there has been lack of education of multidisciplinary experts in the field of health technology. Therefore there are many employment opportunities for the graduates within the public and private sectors worldwide, including project managers, experts, developers, planners and coordinators.

Career in research

Students can apply for doctoral studies after completion of a relevant second cycle higher education degree. The students who complete the Master’s degree programme in Future Health & Technology, graduate with the degree of Master of Health Sciences and/or Master of Nursing Science and are therefore eligible to apply the right to study doctoral degree in Finland, in Fudan or elsewhere.


General degree requirements

Who can apply?

Persons who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in health sciences or nursing science can apply to the programme. The degree must include at least three years of studies and it should qualify the applicant to access Master-level studies in the country where the degree has been awarded. Students with more than 2 years of clinical working experiences in the health care setting have priority to be recruited in this program.

Please note that supplementary studies (maximum 60 ECTS) may be required for the formally eligible admitted students depending on the studies they have completed during their previous degree and clinical working experience they have gained in the health care setting. These supplementary studies are additional and will not be included in the Master´s degree.

See the Admission Requirements for more information!

Admission Criteria

The number of students to be admitted to the programme through the University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science, is a maximum of 5 students. The admission is based on the scoring criteria which are explained below. The purpose is to acquire an understanding of the applicant’s qualifications and motivation regarding the requirements of the programme.

The applicants are evaluated and ranked by the admission committee of the Programme using the criteria mentioned below. The 5 highest ranking applicants will be admitted to the programme. If there are two applicants with the same amount of points, the points to the question number one in the oral examination are decisive.

The eligible applications will be scored based on the oral entrance examination (0 to max. 15 points) and the Letter of Motivation (0 to max. 5 points), with a maximum of altogether 20 points. The following describes the scoring in more detail:

Oral entrance examination 0-15 points

Eligible applicants are invited via e-mail to the oral entrance exam. The exam is done together with representatives from Fudan University. The student may participate virtually in the exam. The exam is in English and the applicants are required to use only English language in their answers. If the applicant is not reached for the interview, the application will not be processed further.

The level of an accepted performance in the oral entrance exam is 5 points.

The oral entrance exam is based on and on the following exam book: Essentials of Nursing Informatics (sixth edition). Editors: Saba, Virginia and McCormick Kathleen. McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, 2015. ISBN: 978-0-07-182955-7.


Letter of Motivation 0-5 points

The Letter of Motivation is included in the application form.

Language Requirements

The language of instruction of the programme is English, thus, the students should have good skills in English language. The applicants should prove their knowledge of English in one of the following ways:

  1. by passing the test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a minimum score of 575 on the paper-based test (PBT) or minimum overall score of 92 and no individual score below 20 on the internet-based test (IBT).
  2. by passing the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) test (Academic) with an overall band score of 6.5 and no individual score below 6,0.
  3. by passing the PTE Academic test with a minimum overall score of 62 and no individual score below 54.
  4. by passing the Cambridge ESOL’s Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) with pass grade A, B or C.
  5. by passing the Cambridge ESOL’s Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) with pass grade A, B, or C.
  6. by passing The Chinese College English Test Band 6(CET-6)with a minimum score of 500.
  7. Bachelor’s degree (or higher) or an equivalent degree in an English-language programme in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States or in an EU/EEA country. The language of instruction of the degree must be proven with the degree certificate, transcript of records or Diploma Supplement.
  8. A Bachelor’s (or higher) degree from a university or university of applied sciences in Finland, if the applicant has demonstrated language skills in the English language according to the requirements concerning foreign language studies in Bachelor’s and applied university degrees in Finland.


No other language tests or statements of the applicant’s language skills will be accepted. The language test results must be valid. Please note that the language test is valid until the expiry date given by the test organiser.

Please note that the applicant is responsible for arranging the test for her/himself. The test results must be valid throughout the application period. This means, that the test results must not expire before the application deadline.


Please see the following websites for information about the language tests


If the language skills are proven with the previous degree, the application must include a copy of the degree certificate/transcript of records indicating the required language proficiency.

Please also see http://masters.utu.fi/how-to-apply/


Application Form and Enclosures

The application form for the studies starting in autumn 2019 is available online during the application period on 3 December 2018 at 8:00 (local time in Finland) – 31 January 2019 at 15:00 (local time in Finland, GMT +2).

Enclosures are attached to the application in digital form (pdf).

During one application round to the international Master’s Degree Programmes the applicant may apply to a maximum of three Programmes at the University of Turku.

If you are graduating only after the deadline, you may apply on the condition that the required application documents are submitted and arrive at the University of Turku by 8 July 2019 at 15:00 (local time in Finland).

Please read all the application instructions and detailed admission requirements carefully before applying! Make sure that you fulfill both the admission and language requirements before applying.

How to apply

Applications are done on the Studyinfo portal (www.studyinfo.fi).


Make sure you have the required degree and documents. The online application is open only during the application period, so make sure you will finish your application before 31 January 2019 at 15:00:00 (Local time in Finland, GTM+2).

The following documents must be scanned and attached to the electronic application (in pdf format, in color) at the Studyinfo portal.

Enclosures required for the application are:

  • The original degree certificate (in the original language) AND an English, Finnish or Swedish translation (or an English-language Diploma Supplement concerning graduates from European universities) of the degree certificate.
  • The original transcript of study records (in the original language) AND an English, Finnish or Swedish translation (or an English-language Diploma Supplement concerning graduates from European universities) of the transcript of records.
  • Certificate of knowledge of English (see Language requirements).
  • A Curriculum Vitae in English (to find out how to create your own Curriculum Vitae, you can visit for instance the Europass website at https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu)

In addition, the following enclosure is required to help in handling of the applications, and identifying the applicants in the oral entrance exam:

  • Copy of information page of the passport or identification card containing the applicant’s name, date of birth and photo

All translations must be made either by an authorized translator or by the degree awarding institution. Each page of an official translation must bear the translator’s stamp and/or signature. Official translations must be exact translations of the original documents. Translations done by the applicant him- or herself are not accepted.


A Letter of Motivation (max 2500 characters) is part of the application form. The Letter of Motivation should cover the following four issues:

  • Describe your reasons for applying to the Programme.
  • Describe your strengths and capacities.
  • How does the Programme relate to your previous studies (e.g. field of specialization, research methodology studied) or work?
  • How does the topic of the Programme contribute to your personal development and to the development of your professional expertise?

The application form is filled online in the Studyinfo portal. Please search at www.studyinfo.fi for the Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology.

The application form is available and a completed application can be updated until the end of the application period on 31 January 2019 at 15.00 (GMT +2).


The number of students to be admitted to the programme through the University of Turku, Department of Nursing Science, is a maximum of 5 students. The admission decisions are published by 29 March 2019. All applicants will be informed by email, but also hard copies are sent upon request. All students are required to start in the beginning of the autumn semester, and there is no separate admission for the spring semester.

The admitted applicant will have to show the originals of his/her educational documents (degree certificate and transcript of study records) at the University of Turku after arrival in Finland. Depending on the country the original documents may have to be attested or legalised. Please see the country specific requirements for the submission of the documents upon arrival already before applying.


Master’s Degree Programme in

Future Health and Technology


Degree: Master of Health Sciences

Duration: 2 academic years, 120 ECTS credits

Mode of study: Full-time

Faculty / Department: Faculty of Medicine

Location: Turku, Finland

Language of instruction: English

Tuition fee for citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland:  None

Tuition fee for citizens of non-EU/EEA countries:  €2,000

Start date: August 2019

Application period: 1 Dec 2018 – 31 Jan 2019


Email: futurehealth@utu.fi

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