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Part-time job – Oh God!

As usual, it will take you months to get acquainted with a new environment, arrange your personal life, studies, and friend connection. This phase may be short or long depending on your own adaptability. And then, let’s look for a part-time job as an essential part of student life. Though finding a part time job for international students is commonly assumed to be quite challenging in Finland in general because although Finland has a quite open mind, local workers are always prioritized due to Finnish language. However, I have to say that it depends on the place you live.  As a common rule, things gonna be easier in the capital and big cities where there are plenty of job opportunities, while less chances to work in other group of cities.

Job opportunities in different cities

Due to its thin population in a large area, this is even clearer in the case of Finland in which roughly 1 200 000 people living in the metropolitan region, including Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo with lots of universities. I have a friend who has a job as helper in a restaurant just after several months in Finland, even during the school time. His simple secret is to be willing to move to Helsinki. Hundreds of vacancies there for you. Besides, accommodation is another aspect that should be considered to make sure that your salary can at least sufficiently compensate for housing rental. Nevertheless, on the other side of the coin, the competition for employability is very high as not only among regional students, but also those from different cities moving to, particularly in the summer.

Typical jobs in Turku

The second group embodies cities with the population of approximately 100,000 to 300,000 people, namely Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Jyvaskyla, and Lahti. I would say Turku is a bit different story since it is a student city thanks to its strength – harbor services. For this reason, the most popular part time job for a huge number of students is cleaner on cruise ships, and just some who are lucky enough to be helper in restaurants. Cleaners typically apply to work for a cleaning service company, not directly to the cruise ship ones. Several prominent cleaning companies that you should try could be named, such as SOL, NClean, Cleantime, and RTK. As a cleaner, your main duty is to clean houses, hotel toilets, hotel rooms, or rooms on cruise ships.

I also have a friend working as a food deliveryman for Foodora and Wolt. The kind of job turns out to be a high reward, though it requires a car to take full advantage of long-distance delivery. I know a girl working as a cook helper in a sushi restaurant owned by a Vietnamese. She shared that it is fairly sweated to work there and less income in comparison with cleaning job. Yet, in return for that, she always has some foods for nice evenings. I think, working for a Finnish owner is better when it comes to this kind of job, so “hygiene passport” is usually required, costing you about 50 euros to finish a test and get a certificate.

How much per hour?

With cleaning job, you may earn 9 – 10 euros currently with a little bit more for evening shifts and double on weekends. With this average amount, you can earn 350-400 euros per month, barely enough for a humble student life. In order to have a better job with higher wage, fluent Finnish is the starting point.

As you may know, two typical ways of looking for a job is (1) to apply online, and (2) to ask for your friends or acquaintance’s recommendation. You can try these websites if you have to self-help.

In that event, the second way appears more common and more effective most of the time. It is good to know that with manual labor jobs, companies usually recruit based on personal relationship. I mean they will ask their current staff to introduce friends or acquaintances in need of the job because, you know, Finland is a society based on trust (read more here). In this event, social network really brings into play.

Seeking for a part-time job in Finland is long story without easiness. Still it does not mean impossible. The great tip for you is to start early, the best time for it is when you have finished the autumn period. Then, be patient and sometimes you should have a thick face, and even constantly come to the company offices to ask for a place even though you are sure that you will get the answer “No!” several times. Have a thick face and stay patient! 😉


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Nhan "Mac" Nguyen
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