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Do you have an image of typical Finnish students? Before coming to Turku I had no idea that there can be anything special about their outfit. I am quite used to the fact that university students don’t have any distinguishing clothes. At least that is common for my home country. But Finland surprised me by its tradition.

             Photo by ELSA Turku

Students have special overalls (haalarit) which can be called a party outfit. They can be of different colours which represent students’ faculties. For example, the Department of Teacher Education where I study has white overalls, while the Department of Education has red ones. They also have various designs: signs, and mottos. When you look at overalls you will notice that students generally have a lot of patches sewed to them. It reflects the amount of parties which students attended as each event has its own unique patch. Besides, when you order a drink during a party you will get beads which you can hang on your overall as well.

There are also some unspoken rules on how to wear the overalls: you don’t wear them fully, but tie them around your waist. What’s more, you shouldn’t wash your overalls. Never. Sounds unusual, doesn’t it?

That’s what I learnt from my friends, and that’s my first association when people  are talking about Finnish student life : )

Photo source: https://esnuniturku.fi/events/overall-party-f14

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Anna Skuratova
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