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Networking With Impact

Hi everyone!

Last week UTU Ambassadors were invited to an event called “Get-together for Student Ambassadors”. The event took place in Restaurant E. Ekblom, close to the city center and right next to the Aura River. The program of this get-together included presentations about different programs and activities happening in the region of Turku, insights into future events, discussions, networking and mingling around the buffet.

Many interesting organizations and events were presented, including Turku Business Region, Talent Boost Finland, Study and Stay in Turku, Ambassador Network of South-West Finland. Although there are some differences and similarities to all these programs, making Finland more attractive to international students and talents is one of the key features they all share. At this point, many of you may be wondering: What is a Student Ambassador?

As Student Ambassadors, we have the privilege to promote the Turku region as an excellent study and research destination, attractive business environment and undoubtedly as an unforgettable place to visit. In addition to sharing our own personal experiences, we also are fortunate enough to receive different training sessions that allow us to fulfill our duties as Student Ambassadors much better. Through various training sessions, we can develop our interpersonal skills (e.g. communication, leadership, teamwork), improve our presentation and public speech skills, learn about social media management and marketing, and even expand our personal networks. Moreover, we acquire the most crucial information about working and studying in Finland from leading experts, learn about the living conditions in Turku and Finland in general, and deepen our understanding of business development opportunities within the region of South-West Finland.

Here are a couple of important dates to save: 11.11.2019 (Study and Stay in Turku), 12.11.2019 (Talent Boost Summit).

Study and Stay in Turku is a networking event for all international students studying at higher education institutions in Turku. As the phrase “study and stay in Turku” indicates, the main goal is to provide students with insights about future possibilities for continuing their academic careers or seeking an employment in the region of Turku. Unfortunately, it is believed that after finishing your studies, finding a full-time job in Turku is difficult for all students; thus, many are forced to seek opportunities outside of Turku or sometimes even outside of Finland. One can only hope that the situation will soon improve.

Furthermore, Talent Boost Summit will focus on attracting international talent by different recruitment campaigns. Since one of the biggest concerns for most students is trying to figure out what happens after we graduate, this is an event nobody should miss! As for students, I would recommend polishing their CVs and making sure all the cover and recommendation letters are up to date. Seeking a job in Finland may seem challenging at first; some people may experience culture shock while others may be required to learn the Finnish language in order to successfully execute different tasks in the working environment. Nevertheless, networking is the key to success. As J. Kelly Hoey writes in her book “Build Your Dream Network: Forging Powerful Relationships in a Hyper-Connected World”, skills alone won’t make you a success. All great ideas and opportunities have networks behind them. Therefore, the new question is not what you know but “Who knows what you know?”.

Until next time!

Kristaps Kovalonoks
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