Kultaranta - UTU Masters
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Kultaranta is a summer residence of the President of Finland. Literally, the word «kultaranta» means «golden beach». It is situated in Naantali, which you can easily reach by bus as it is quite close to Turku.

I visited the residence last August and can say that it’s a very peaceful and cozy place, surrounded by forest. The garden is full of flowers which makes the area exceptionally beautiful. You also can admire different sculptures and modern art exhibitions. By the way, our tour guide told us that the University of Turku owned Kultaranta for a while. And now you can find a sculpture «Lohdutus» which was a gift from UTU to the president.

P.S. If the national flag of Finland is up, it means that the president is in his residence now. Who knows, probably, if you visit Kultaranta you will be lucky to be greeted by Sauli Niinistö ; )


Anna Skuratova
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