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To my mind, a good transportation system is essential for any city. Everyday people need to go to work, school, university, shopping, etc. and it obviously takes time. The thing is that the above mentioned places can be far from each other. That’s why it’s just great to know that buses can help you to reach various areas on time.

Föli is a bus company which operates not only in Turku, but also in Kaarina, Raisio, Naantali, Lieto, and Rusko. Not bad considering that you can use the same bus ticket in all these cities, is it? Even if you live slightly far from the university, you don’t really need to worry about transportation. Föli has regular bus connections with all the areas and buses almost always stick to the schedule. I also find it very convenient to use the Föli site. There you can use the online loading service, check the schedule, find a bus on the map, read news related to vehicles. The site definitely can be described as user-friendly.

Last autumn Föli adopted electric buses which is awesome for the environment and citizens’ health. In my opinion, it proves that having a great transportation system the city still thinks how to make it even better.

Anna Skuratova
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