Finnish-German Master Programme in Education - UTU Masters
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Finnish-German Master Programme in Education

In my previous post I mentioned the Double degree programme which you can apply for at the faculty of Education. It’s really an interesting option and I think I can clarify some things about it. That’s why I decided to answer three most popular questions regarding it.

1. Is the Double degree equal to exchange?

No, the Double degree and an exchange programme are different things. This means that you will get two diplomas from two different universities of two different countries. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? As a result, you will be a Master of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts Erziehungswissenschaft (Educational Science) at the same time. And you will need to write only one thesis which will be evaluated by both universities separately.

2. Does the Finnish-German Master Programme last longer than Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (LLEES)?

No, it takes two years as well. You will spend one semester in Germany and three semesters in Finland. The grades for the courses which you take in Regensburg are transferred to the Finnish transcript of records and vice versa. On the whole, you still have a right to finish the programme in four years.

3. Is it worth going to Germany or is it better to concentrate on one Master’s degree?

This question is difficult to answer, but I would never change my decision regarding whether to go to Regensburg or not. If you have a passion for education I am sure it will be exciting to see another educational system from inside. For example, did you know that in Germany students knock on the desk at the end of a lecture? It was a revelation for me. And you will continue to discover such tiny things during the study process. Nothing can replace this experience.

P.S. If you have more questions regarding this programme, feel free to ask ; )

Anna Skuratova
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