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Fazer Chocolate – The Best in the World

Chocolate is, unanimously, the best food in the world – in my opinion at least. Each country lays claim to having the best chocolate in the world, with a huge variety spanning across many different continents – whether it be Cadbury, Lindt or Marabou. Before meeting my girlfriend, I had never heard of Fazer, a sentiment many other foreigners may share. However, upon my first tasting of it, I could see why many Finns were praising it as the best chocolate in the world.


Fazer was first founded by renowned and the nationally adored Finn Karl Fazer in 1891 and has since been synonymous with baked goods, candy and, of course, chocolate. Fazer chocolate was first marketed in 1922 and has since become a significant part of Finnish culture and cuisine, nationally adored and loved.

Fazer Chocolate

For many, the most widely recognised and best tasting is “Fazer Blue” – the

There are a variety of Fazer chocolate flavours to suit the taste buds of everyone.

original milk chocolate flavour. The name “Fazer Blue” derives from its unique blue packaging, while its relatively high concentration of milk (compared to other chocolates) gives it its delicious taste. In addition to Fazer Blue, other flavours including dark, hazelnut, liquorice, cookie, among many others can be purchased, suiting a variety of tastes and preferences.


The original, however, is by far the best of the varieties. But, buyer beware, one cannot buy a block of Fazer chocolate without eating the whole amount in one sitting (trust me, I’ve tried). So, why not go out there and partake in one of Finland’s most adored foods and soon you’ll begin to understand why Fazer is the best chocolate in the world!!!

Jacob Stevens-Yager
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