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Faculty of Education in Faces

Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (LLEES) programme requires from students to complete an internship related to the field of education. My groupmate and friend, Bushra Shareef, kindly agreed to share her experience regarding her internship at Turku International School (TIS).

What kind of duties did you have during your internship at school? 

I started my internship in TIS in September 2016. The first and the foremost duty assigned to me was to deeply observe my tutor teacher and I was expected to be able to teach some lessons independently based on what I would have learnt as a trainee. I was lucky to get a comfort zone in which I could do more than I was expected to do. I assisted my tutor teacher by helping those students who needed extra support. I helped pupils by providing them the material needed to perform different activities especially during art lessons. I also got a chance to be with them during different school trips. Definitely incredible effort made to plan my lessons can never be forgotten. My efforts to provide emotional and social support for some students was also highly appreciated  by my tutor teacher which motivated me to excel as a professional teacher.

Did anything amaze you about Finnish schools?
Several features of Finnish education system are attracting the world towards itself but the thing that amazed me was self evaluation. They learn to critically analyze their own work being very positive. It not only teaches them to be an honest citizen but makes them more responsible enabling them to improve by learning from their own mistakes.

What is the most memorable moment of your internship?
All the projects we completed together can not be forgotten but the most memorable moment was when my tutor teacher passed highly appreciative remarks after delivering my third ES* lesson.

*Environmental Studies

Anna Skuratova
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