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Events to Look Out For

As my time as a blogger comes closer to the end, I felt it would be appropriate to outline some of the key events coming to Turku (and Finland in general) in 2017. While every year is one to look out for in Turku, 2017 is especially important with Finland officially turning 100 years old, an important milestone in the country’s long history. In addition to the official celebration on December 6, some notary events that have been carried out in celebration of the milestone include; Tom of Finland musical (recently concluded in Turku), the Tall Ships Race, Europeade, among many others. In addition, annual celebrations such as Juhannus and festivals such as Ruisrock are also something to keep an eye on.

Tall Ships Race

Scheduled between July 20-23, the Tall Ships Race is an annual European event in which Tall Ships (sailing ships) race from port to port, across different cities and countries, as a means to promote international harmony and the training of young people in sailing. Turku has been selected as one of the destinations, in which many of the ships will be docked along the River Aura. Thousands of spectators attend every year, with various cultural events and activities also provided.



Locals head to their cottages and enjoy the weather and scenery.

For those who are new to Finland, Juhannus (midsummer) is celebrated on June 24 whereby locals retreat to their cottages in the countryside with their friends and family, enjoying traditional cultural activities such as sauna, lake swimming, barbeques and, of course, drinking. The city itself will be devoid of people so don’t be shocked if the city appears deserted.



Ruisrock is one of Finland’s oldest and biggest annual music festivals. Despite its name, Ruisrock has evolved to comprise of a variety of music genres and attracts leading artists such as Kygo, Martin Garrix, Stormzy, among many many others. It is certainly an event not to miss!

The aforementioned are just but some of the many events to be held in Turku this year, one in which is set to be Turku’s finest!

Jacob Stevens-Yager
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