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A free-choice elective

I assume that when students enter a university, there is a certain number of questions they need to solve quite urgently. One of such matters is the schedule of the courses you are going to attend. There are so many of them, and you feel so enthusiastic that you want to try everything which is impossible due to overlaps. At least that’s what I experienced during my first year in Turku : D All the elective courses sounded fascinating and it was a torture to choose some of them. When hearing about this «problem», my friend advised me to take «Multicultural Education». She characterised it as a «must have».  To be honest, it even exceeded my expectations.

The course covered an abundance of topics related to multicultural education. Actually, it is a burning issue nowadays, as our society is becoming more and more diverse. No wonder, that as a student of the Faculty of Education I felt excited to realise some new things for myself. For example, we discussed the problem of “blindness”. I tended to think that it is better to close eyes on differences and accentuate attention on things which unite people. However, the thing is that these two options don’t exclude each other but supplement each other. It was a revelation for me. Indeed, students should value their own peculiarities, culture and traditions and at the same time respect others. Thought-provoking, isn’t it? On the whole, I believe that «Multicultural Education» can be a great revelation for you. You even can better understand yourself.

P.S. The course was split in two parts and now you can attend «Cultural Responsiveness, Diversity, and Inclusiveness» and «Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching».

Anna Skuratova
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