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A Chance to Broaden Your Horizons

I am sure that a lot of readers will think that, as a foreign Masters student, my studies would be limited to that of the University of Turku. While some may wish to exclusively conduct their studies in Turku and remain in Finland, the University of Turku offers fantastic opportunities for locals and foreigners to study abroad and embrace different cultures. It is, in essence, why the university has long been recognised as one of Finland’s most culturally-diverse and international universities. However, some may begin to ask, how would one go about conducting student exchange and what opportunities are available?

Where can I study?

The countries open to students is incredibly diverse, spanning across a variety of continents. In addition to having the ability to study across Europe, the University of Turku has a variety of

Exchange in Hong Kong eventually led me to Turku.

agreements with countries within South America (i.e. Chile, Peru, Argentina), Asia (Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong) and even in Africa. One can choose which country/university they wish to study at, however, please note that each university maintains its own conditions for acceptance (i.e. must be studying a certain degree or language requirements) so make sure you fulfill the criteria before selecting. You can see partner universities here.

Programs on offer and benefits

See an alternative way of life.

The programs offered by the university are vast and include; ERASMUS, NORDPLUS, ISEP, North2North, as well as general exchange outside of Europe. The application period has, unfortunately, passed for many of these programs (they generally run between January 15 – February 15), however, for those looking to go on exchange next year, it is open between November 1-30 (for those universities left over).

As a means of support, the university provides financial support as a grant, amounting to as much as 2,300 euros (for one academic year and for those exchanges taking place outside of Europe).


Try different and unique food.

As a former exchange student, I highly recommend going outside your comfort zone and embracing a new culture and way of life. I made some life long friends and even met my current girlfriend there, so the opportunity to go on exchange can, for some, be a life changing one. So if you are interested in broadening your horizons, I recommend a trip abroad through the University of Turku!



Jacob Stevens-Yager
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