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To my mind, a good transportation system is essential for any city. Everyday people need to go to work, school, university, shopping, etc. and it obviously takes time. The thing is that the above mentioned places can be far from each other. That’s why it’s just great to know that buses can help you to reach various areas on time.
Kultaranta is a summer residence of the President of Finland. Literally, the word «kultaranta» means «golden beach». It is situated in Naantali, which you can easily reach by bus as it is quite close to Turku.

From my experience, after finding out places to buy foods to “survive”, you will soon take a further step to think about furniture and some other interior stuff for studies, or even clothes, shoes, electronic appliances for yourself and your lovely home in Finland. Although...

Once my friend told me that by accident she found Zoological Museum of the University of Turku. To be honest it was a total surprise as I never heard about it. Today my friend and I visited it and I have a huge desire to...

Hackathon is typically a sprint-like event in which programmers and some other parties involved in software development, namely project managers, designers, and others, with the focus on software project development. Particularly, Hackathon usually focuses on language of programming, operating system (iOS, Android, MeeGo), an application in a specific area, or an API. Hackathon often lasts for a day or several ones. In Finland in general and Turku City in particular, hackathon and innovation camp are commonly typical events organized for students to experience, to learn and explore their potentials. You will find this kind of event without difficulty.
Turku is a great place for those who enjoy cycling. To my mind, the number of bicycles is so huge that it can remind you about Amsterdam which is considered to be one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. And what really amazed me - people cycle all over the year.
Most likely you’ve heard something about the Kamppi Chapel in the Helsinki city centre. It’s also famous as the «Chapel of Silence». But not so many know that it was inspired by a wooden church situated in Turku.
When you live in Turku you can notice that generally people speak English on a really high level. Although you can easily survive here without Finnish or Swedish, I still believe that it’s good to learn the language of the country you live in. That’s why I decided to learn Finnish.
Cultural difference awareness is becoming increasingly crucial in the context of globalization. To my view of thinking, the more we know about Finnish culture, the better we understand and discover their secrets for success. After learning and interacting with many Finnish entrepreneurs, managerial staff, and office staff, I figure out interesting cultural characteristics of Finns in general and business culture in particular. By understanding features of culture, we are able to not only avoid causing offence to others, but also maintain good relationships in the long-term run. In general, it seems to me that Finns are straightforward, friendly, easy to make acquaintance,… and love nature and sports activities, but they really expect others’ respect of their need for privacy. There are much more fascinating things about people in this wonderland. Let’s discover with me.
Today we had a wonderful photowalk organized by the International Students of Turku Universities. Do you also feel spring in the air when looking at the photos? : )