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They say that student years are the brightest and most fascinating ones. Well, I do enjoy them, but I can say for sure that it wouldn’t be so awesome in case I just studied all the time. Student life includes not only sleepless «finish home assignments» nights, days spent in the library, and thesis writing. It also brings a lot of extracurricular activities in your daily routine.
When talking about Finland I cannot but mention the Moomins as the characters created by Tove Jansson are famous all over the world. My mother really likes the stories about their life and  adventures, and even bought a collection of books… for me. And guess who was more excited when we were on the way to the Moominworld? Kidding, I also felt happy : D
When I came to Finland I heard the word "Xylitol" a lot of times, but couldn't catch its meaning. In a while I made a conclusion that xylitol was a Finnish brand of chewing gum. And when it seemed that the mystery of this word was solved I was totally confused when it turned out that my assumptions were wrong.
At the time, I have wondered myself "What helped me learn?" many times so maybe the aspects I exploited – just in general, somehow a little bit different from the ones expected by the Teachers, I guess. Nonetheless, it becomes clearer to me that the focus of Finnish education is the learning process class by class or case by case, the world different from Vietnamese one. Having thinking about this, I should specify throughout the studies. The way that the messages of lectures are conveyed and self-curiosity, chance for interactions with the Teachers and active role during group-work enable me to master the lessons.
When looking for a Finnish dictionary on my shelves, all of a sudden I found a patch «Tutor 2016». It was a pleasant surprise as I’ve almost forgotten about its existence. It evoked warm memories of my tutoring experience at the beginning of the second year of my study in Turku.
Merry Christmas, my dear friends! Are you already surprised? No, I am not two weeks late and remember that there was one Christmas on 25th of December. But another one, in Eastern Orthodox countries, is celebrated today. And it was such a marvellous start of the day when I saw streets covered with snow. At such moments you just know for sure that the day is going to be awesome.
In my previous post I mentioned the Double degree programme which you can apply for at the faculty of Education. It’s really an interesting option and I think I can clarify some things about it. That’s why I decided to answer three most popular questions regarding it.