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New academic year is about to start and I guess that new students have more and more questions related to their first days in Turku. That’s why I decided to make this post which contains a variety of random information which I got from my tutor, and which my friend and I prepared for our degree tutees. Hope it will be helpful : )
Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems (LLEES) programme requires from students to complete an internship related to the field of education. My groupmate and friend, Bushra Shareef, kindly agreed to share her experience regarding her internship at Turku International School (TIS).
Do you have a habit to go to the library? Before coming to Finland for me it was definitely something not common as I associated it with a gloomy place with a specific smell of old dust. But Turku showed me libraries from another light. They are spacious, bright, colourful, and welcoming.
I assume that when students enter a university, there is a certain number of questions they need to solve quite urgently. One of such matters is the schedule of the courses you are going to attend. There are so many of them, and you feel so enthusiastic that you want to try everything which is impossible due to overlaps. At least that’s what I experienced during my first year in Turku : D All the elective courses sounded fascinating and it was a torture to choose some of them. When hearing about this «problem», my friend advised me to take «Multicultural Education». She characterised it as a «must have».  To be honest, it even exceeded my expectations.

Once my friend told me that by accident she found Zoological Museum of the University of Turku. To be honest it was a total surprise as I never heard about it. Today my friend and I visited it and I have a huge desire to...

When you live in Turku you can notice that generally people speak English on a really high level. Although you can easily survive here without Finnish or Swedish, I still believe that it’s good to learn the language of the country you live in. That’s why I decided to learn Finnish.
I assume that everyone who is accepted at the University is immediately contacted by an international officer of his or her faculty. At least that’s what happened in my case. And I would like to say that our international officer is truly amazing. I received an abundance of useful information thanks to her.
During the Finnish course we are generally told about the upcoming holidays. I find it an essential part of integration into a culture as long as traditions reflect interesting peculiarities of any nation. And at one lesson I learnt how a person who wrote the Finnish National Anthem «Maamme» and Runeberg cakes are connected.
At the time, I have wondered myself "What helped me learn?" many times so maybe the aspects I exploited – just in general, somehow a little bit different from the ones expected by the Teachers, I guess. Nonetheless, it becomes clearer to me that the focus of Finnish education is the learning process class by class or case by case, the world different from Vietnamese one. Having thinking about this, I should specify throughout the studies. The way that the messages of lectures are conveyed and self-curiosity, chance for interactions with the Teachers and active role during group-work enable me to master the lessons.
In my previous post I mentioned the Double degree programme which you can apply for at the faculty of Education. It’s really an interesting option and I think I can clarify some things about it. That’s why I decided to answer three most popular questions regarding it.