UTU Masters | Scholarships and tuition fees
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Scholarships and tuition fees


Scholarship categories

The University offers a generous scholarship programme for students who are subject to the tuition fees. The scholarship programme has 3 categories:

  • 2-year scholarship that covers the entire tuition fee for 2 academic years.
  • 2-year scholarship that covers 50 % of the tuition fee for 2 academic years.
  • 1-year scholarship for outstanding performance during the 1st study year. The scholarship covers the 2nd year tuition fee.

A scholarship will be granted to up to 30 % of the admitted students who are subject to tuition fees and have applied for a scholarship. You can apply for a 2-year scholarship at the same time as applying for admission to one of our Master’s degree programmes. There is a separate application process for the 1-year scholarship during your first study year.


Tuition fees will be charged from 2017 onwards in Master’s degree programmes taught in English. Tuition fees concern students admitted to studies beginning in August 2017 or after.

Who will not be charged?

Tuition fees will not be charged from

  • citizens of EU/EEA states or Switzerland
  • family members of the citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland
  • holders of a permanent Finnish residence permit or a long-term resident’s EU residence permit (P, P-EU)
  • holders of a fixed-term continuous residence permit (A)
  • holders of an EU Blue Card (a residence permit card with a marking “EU Blue Card” as the type of the permit)

Fees do not apply to exchange students, regardless of their citizenship, nor to doctoral programmes.

Further information

Who will be charged?

Tuition fees will be charged from citizens of a country outside the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)  or Switzerland.

Further information

Programme-specific tuition fees

Please note that there may be exceptions to these categories. More information above: Who will not be charged?


Faculty of Medicine:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Biomedical Imaging € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Drug Discovery and Development € 12,000

Turku School of Economics:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Global Innovation Management € 10,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Futures Studies € 10,000

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Information Security and Cryptography € 16,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Digital Health and Life Sciences € 14,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Food Development  € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics € 12,000
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Embedded Computing e 12,000

Faculty of Education:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems
    € 10,000

Faculty of Law:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Law and Information Society € 10,000

Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in East Asian Studies € 8,000

Faculty of Humanities:

  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Gender Studies € 10,000
The tuition fees for the following Master’s degree programmes that are not admitting new students in 2017 will be decided upon later:
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Materials Science
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Astronomy and Space Physics
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in European Heritage, Digital Media and the Information Society
  • Master’s Degree Programme  in Baltic Sea Region Studies
  • Master’s Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies

The first year tuition fee has to be paid before one can register with the University.

What will you get with the tuition fee?

The tuition fee covers much more than just teaching and academic guidance in your Master’s degree programme. It opens a whole range of the University’s services for you.

Study courses outside your programme

In addition to the courses defined in your programme curriculum, you can study courses from the other programmes according to your own choice and course availability, if the degree structure of your own programme allows. There are some hundreds of courses offered in English which broadens your possibilities remarkably in creating a unique study path and an expert profile.

Language courses

The University Language Centre is responsible for the language, communication and intercultural skills teaching at the University. Some of the courses in Chinese, English, Finnish for Foreigners, and Japanese are taught in English. Also, most of the more advanced classes are taught in the target language, so you can continue to develop your skills in French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish if you have sufficient previous knowledge on any of those.

Library services

The largest academic library in Southwest Finland gives you excellent sources of information with:

  • E-books 488,178 (titles)
  • E-journals 26,896 (titles)
  • Printed books 1,148,781 (titles)
  • Printed journals 32,491 (titles)
  • Maps 15,268 items

Use of our extensive library services reduces your study related costs significantly.

IT services

IT Services for you as a student include

  • 24/7 IT classrooms
  • wireless networks around the campus
  • fi e-mail account and mailing lists
  • cloud storage
  • scanning and printing (with quota)
  • Microsoft Office programmes
Sports facilities

With an affordable price of EUR 60/academic year you get access to the versatile sports selection of the CampusSport. The selection includes instructed sports classes (group workouts, combat sports, outdoor sports), sports shifts, five different gyms, a swimming pool and short courses.

Student union membership fee and benefits
Benefits of a Student Union membership

Membership of the Student Union is mandatory in Finland for Bachelor’s and Master’s -level students. In 2016 the Student Union membership fee is EUR 106,50. The membership brings you a number of valuable benefits, for instance:

Student health care

As a member of the Student Union, you have the right to Finnish Student Health Service in every university town in Finland. The health services provided are general practitioners and specialists, dental care, nursing care and physiotherapy as well as x-ray and laboratory work. Services also include mental health counselling, psychotherapy and psychiatric care. The services do not cover hospital care and some specialist services or cases where you get into an accident.

Lunch discount

As a member of the Student Union, you can enjoy a healthy lunch at a student price of less than 3 € in one of the 7 student cafeterias on campus or in any other student cafeteria in Finland.

You can read more about benefits offered by the Student Union at www.tyy.fi/en.

Living Expenses in Finland

Average living expenses

Average living expenses in Finland are about €700–900 per month. You need to cover your living expenses independently.

If you come from a non-EU/ETA country, you need to prove that you have sufficient funds for living when applying for a student residence permit. You need to show that you have at least €560 per month for the duration of your studies. This is the absolute minimum required by the Finnish Immigration Service.

As a student, you can get discounts on student lunches, public transport and many cultural activities, such as museums and theatres.

Rental Cost

Student accommodation in Turku is provided by the Student Village Foundation of Turku. You can apply for an apartment after you have received your letter of acceptance. There are apartments available in many parts of the city of Turku.

The monthly rental costs vary depending on the size and type of the apartment. Single rooms in a shared apartment are usually cheaper than single apartments. Also family apartments are available, but the costs are higher. The rental costs of the Student Village Foundation are usually a bit cheaper than on the open market.

For example, a one bedroom apartment in the Student Village area costs approximately €290–450 per month. A room in a shared apartment in the Student Village area costs approximately €250 per month.

Average Prices

A Big Mac hamburger at McDonalds: €4.10

A package of noodles: €0.40

A bottle of Coca Cola: €2.00 /0.5l

A one way bus ticket: €3.00

Student lunch: €2.60

Average Food Basket in Finland

Milk (regular): €0.93 /1l

Loaf of Fresh White Bread: €1.75 /500g

Rice (white): €1.96 /1kg

Eggs: €1.84 /12 pack

Local Cheese: €6.19 /1kg

Chicken Fillet: €9.86 /1kg

Minced Meat: €7.00 /1kg

Apple: €1.71 /1kg

Banana: €1.55 /1kg

Orange: €1.75 /1kg

Tomato: €3.01 /1kg

Potato: €0.92 /1kg

Onion: €1.24 /1kg

Lettuce: €1.57 /1 head

More information

More information about living in Finland at www.studyinfinland.fi

Finnish Immigration Service: www.migri.fi/studying_in_finland