UTU Masters | How and when to apply
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How and when to apply


The admission time for the 2017 intake has ended. We will not be able to accept late applications. The next intake will begin 1.12.2017. Please follow our pages for details.


Application time ended: 13 January
Admission offers to applicants:  31 March
Scholarship offers to applicants:  31 March
Scholarship acceptance: by 21 April
Study place accepted:  at the latest 14 July
Tuition fee first instalment paid:  by 31 July
Optional summer school sourse: August
Arrival days: August
Orientation course for students: 23.-25 August
Courses begin: in September 2017

Who can apply?

You are an eligible applicant for Master’s-level studies if

  • you have a nationally recognized first cycle degree – normally a Bachelor’s degree – from an accredited institution of higher education,
  • your degree corresponds to at least 180 ECTS (European credits) or to three years of full-time study,
  • your degree is in the same field as the Master’s degree programme that you’re applying for or closely related to it.
Proof of English language skills

You must also prove your English language skills when applying. You can indicate your English language skills by taking one of the internationally recognised English language tests listed on our webpage. In addition to these language tests, individual programmes may accept other proof as well. Information on these other options and specific language requirements is available in the programme’s application requirements.

NB! Sign up for the language test well in advance!

You will find the specific language requirements and approved language tests in each programme’s web pages.

Generally recognised international English language tests

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

IELTS – International English Language Testing System

CPE – Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English In the University of Turku the accepted results are the pass grades A, B and C

CAE – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

PTE – Pearson Test of English

When to apply?

The application period is organized once in a year and the studies will start the following August/September. In 2017 the application period begins on 1.12.2017 and ends on 31.1.2018.

Please note! Your application must reach the University of Turku by the application deadline. This concerns also the language test results. Therefore, do not leave your application to the last application day!

How to apply?

Follow these steps in order to successfully submit your application:

Step 1:

Check the application period and apply on time!

Step 2:

Read carefully the general instructions presented here and programme-specific application requirements.

Step 3:

Book and take the language test well in advance.

Step 4:

Start your application on the national portal www.studyinfo.fi. You can also search for suitable programmes and read their application requirements on the portal.

Step 5:

Fill in the required information with care and then submit the online application.

Step 6:

Collect the required documents. Information concerning the documents is available on the programme specific application requirements and also on your online application.

Step 7:

Submit the required documents according to the instructions.

What will happen next?

The Student and Admission Services of the University of Turku will pre-process your application after you’ve submitted your application and documents. It will verify your language skills and check that they meet the requirements set by the University. It will also check that all of your required educational documents have arrived and then will verify your credentials.

After the pre-processing has been completed, all applications will be sent to the relevant programme/faculty for academic assessment. The Programmes/the Faculties will carry out student selections and inform you on your results.


Email: admissions@utu.fi